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Thursday 22nd October brought to us the 3rd and final day of the Google Stadia Good Stuff event, now obviously as you can see from the title that is not the reason for this post but I do just want to say that they used the word Good in the loosest sense, the whole event, in my opinion, was meh at best, but I digress, the last announcement which had in all fairness already been spoiled after the first day of the event on Tuesday was that we would get a demo of Ubisoft's upcoming title Immortals Fenyx Rising an open-world game set in ancient Greece where you as the titular hero Fenyx must save the Greek Gods from Typhon, who the makers say is the deadliest titan in Greek mythology, now if we want to be pedantic then we can go into how he wasn't actually a titan but we’re not here for a mythology lesson. …


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